About unnus Cable cover plates

unnu’s special designed cable cover plates provides a simple and elegant way to run your cables in and out of the furniture.
The cable cover plates are produced in aluminum.
There are 5 different cable cover plates and they all fit in all unnu models.
All 5 cable cover plates are available in silver and black and have a descreet unnu logo engraved.



unnu Cable cover plates

There are 5 different cable cover plates.

One open for cabeling, one closed, one with a hole in the front for cabeling and one that fits perfectly with our cable trays.

unnu Cable cover plates

The cable cover plates are 2 mm thick and when placed in the cable hole in the top of the furniture they are aligned with the top plate.

All 5 types are available in black and silver.

It is easy to place or remove the cable cover plates.

unnu Cable cover plates

When you order your unnu furniture, don’t forget to think about how many cables holes / outlets you need.

This may help define what unnu models you need.

A manual will follow your order and can also be found under Support.

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