About unnus Cable trays

When using a unnu cable tray it is possible to hide cables from your flatscreen and down in to your unnu furniture. It is easy to disassemble the cable tray and the back part is predrilled so it is easy to drill it on to the wall.



unnu Cable trays

The cable trays are produced in painted aluminum.

We have cable trays in 2 sizes:

Large  2,5 cm. deep and 5 cmwide
Small 1,8 cm. deep and 3,3 cm. wide

unnu Cable trays

Here we show one model 221 in white with two black fabric door and a silver cable tray between the furniture and the flatscreen.

Depending on the size on the flatscreen and the width on the furniture setup, the distance between screen and furniture will variate.

We recommend a distance between screen and furniture on maximum 25 cm.

unnu Cable trays

unnu cable trays are available in:
Black, white and silver.

And we deliver in standard length on 25 cm.

The unnu cable tray fits perfectly with a unnu cable cover plate 05d or 05e with an oval cut.

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