What if unnu can’t do, what I need?

Then have a look at our clic-range.

What if unnu can’t do, what I need?

unnu is produced in 16 mm MDF and painted with a very durable and colorfast paint. Each room in a unnu furniture is enhanced with 4 special designed metal angles in the back of the furniture. This construction gives the unnu furniture great strength.

unnu originated from the clic-range back in 2009. The idea was to create a new furniture range with many of the same functions as clic but at another price point. Also the design and expression differs from clic.

Does your sound setup require something special unnu can’t do, then have a look at clic. clic gives you more options and has another construction, which makes a nicer finish and a stronger furniture.

Like unnu, clic is also handmade in Denmark.

Have a look at clic at www.clic.dk