Model 13 S (W: 155.1 cm)

Model 13 S has 1, 2 or 3 rooms depending on how you choose to use the furniture.
You can use the full width of the furniture for a soundbar or use it as seperate compartments for other products.
The furniture has 3 back plates.
The room can be open or can be fitted with a fabric or wood door.


Model 13 S has 1 cable cover hole center placed in the top plate
Model 13 S also has 1 cable hole center placed in the bottom of the furniture
The back plate is placed 5 cm. from the back of the furniture. Fitted with magnets, so easy to remove
The middle bar in this furniture is pulled back so you can choose if you want to use the model as 1, 2 or 3 rooms
In our manual you can see how you can place products in this model. See more right here
Model 13 S is made for wall mounting. This model can’t be mounted on stands, base, feet or wheels

External measurements

H: 194mm W: 1551mm D: 255mm
* measurements when using model 13 S as a sound bar solution

Inner measurements pr. room

H: 162mm W: 1516mm* B: 482mm
D: 150mm* D: 185mm
Without back plate D: 237mm


All unnu models are available in white and black paint and oak and walnut veneer.

All wood doors and drawers are also available in white and black paint and oak and walnut veneer.

Fabric doors are available in 9 colors in 2 series:
Melange: coal, concrete, frost, coffee and latte.
Basic: white, silver, black and grey.

We use a polyurethane paint on all items. This type of paint is both hardwearing and colorfast.


The unnu furniture are Danish design and produced in Denmark.

The furniture are made of 16 mm painted MDF and each room in a unnu furniture is enhanced with 4 special designed metal angles in the back of the furniture.

This construction gives the unnu furniture great strength.

Our functions

The unnu furniture are a combination of exclusive design and functions. The functions allows cables, game consoles, software or anything else that disturbs the eye, to be a part of a stylish set-up.


Model 13 S <i>(W: 155.1 cm)</i>

Fabric doors

The unnu furniture are available with elegant fabric doors allowing you to hide your music or movie system and control the sound from the outside at the same time - without opening the doors

Read more about our fabric doors »


The unnu furniture are fitted with a movable back plate that allows you to hide cables in the back of a furniture.

The back panels are magnet mounted 5 cm from the back of the furniture.

Furthermore, the unnu furniture has an elegant cable opening in the top and bottom that makes it easy to run cables from one piece of furniture to another.

Alu covers

unnu’s special designed cable cover plates allows an elegant solution for cabling from the furniture. The cable cover plates are produced in aluminum.

There are 5 types of cable cover plates and they fit in all unnu models. All cable cover plates are available in silver and black and are engraved with a discreet unnu logo.


All unnu models can be placed on the floor on the special made unnu stands. Each stand are machined out of one piece of aluminum.

All unnu stands have adjustable feet to regulate the height. They are available in silver and black.

Wall bracket

With an unnu wall bracket, you can mount you furniture on the wall.

Our wall bracket allows you to mount your furniture tight up against the wall. They can be adjusted in level and pulls the furniture tight to the wall.

With the adjustment possibilities, we insure that your unnu furniture are safely mounted on the wall.

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