About unnus Wheels

With a unnu furniture placed on wheels you get a flexible solutions ans the possibility to move your furniture around.
The unnu wheels are produced in hard white or black plastic with a grey or black rubber edge.
The wheels can be used on both wood and hard carpet floors.
Alle unnu models, except model 12S and 13S, can be fitted with wheels.



unnu Wheels

You need 4, 5 or 6 wheels depending on the furnitures width.

All wheels are 6,5 cm. diameter and the furniture ends 8 cm above the floor.

unnu Wheels

Here we show one model 231 in white with three white wood doors fitted on white wheels.

unnu Wheels

Regardless if you order 4, 5 or 6 wheels there will always be 2 wheels with a break.

The 2 wheels with breaks are mounted on the two front corners. The wheels are available in black and white.

A manual for fitting ca be found under Support.

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