About unnus Drawers

The special designed unnu drawer can be used to store software or other items. The drawers are divided with 2 metal sticks.
The 2 metal sticks can be arranged after your need and can be used to store 3 rows of cd’s or 2 rows of blue ray/dvd’s or they can be removed completely.
Behind the drawers you will have plenty of space to hide extra cables.



unnu Drawers

The drawer is folded around a metal bottom that gives the drawers great strength.

All unnu drawers pulls out to its full depth for easy access to the objects at the back.

unnu Drawers

Here we show one model 230 in white with withe drawers in the middle room.

It is not possible to fit unnu drawers in model 210 Lp, 211 LP, 210 Large, 211 large, 120S, 130S, 12S, 13S, 1540 and 1541.

unnu Drawers

The drawers are available in white and black paint paint and oak and walnut veneer.

After installation you can adjust the drawers in hight and depth so they are mounted precisely in the furniture.

A manual will follow your order and can also be found under Support.

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