About unnus Projector drawer

With the unnu projector solution it is now possible to see the big movie and sports events in your livingroom.
The projector drawer is designed to store a short throw projector which gives you a 100″ picture from a short distance.
A single and elegant solution – only visible when you want it to be.



unnu Projector drawer

In collaboration with dnp Denmark we have developed a special metal bracket that holds the projector tight in the drawer.

The bracket makes is easy to adjust the projector after it is placed in the drawer.

The bracket has patent pending: DK 2017 70363

unnu Projector drawer

You can place theese projectors in the drawer:
Optoma GT5000
Optoma GT5500
Optoma GT5000 +
Optoma GT5500 +
Optoma ZH400
dnp A3000HDS

The bracket will insure that the projector won’t be able to move when it is mounted and adjusted in the drawer.

This will allow you to open and close the drawer without disturbing the picture settings.

unnu Projector drawer

The projector drawer fits in model 210 Large in 36,5 cm depth.

The projector drawer is available in white and black paint and oak and walnut veneer.

After installing your projector you can adjust the drawer both in hight and depth to insure a precis result.

A manual will follow your order and can also be found under Support.

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